Leads Anywhere

Leads Anywhere

Instantly connect with new leads no matter where you are.

Leads Anywhere integrates with your existing website and delivers new leads to you instantly by dialing your phone. Simply press 1 and we’ll connect you with new leads before they leave your site, before they speak to your competitors.

The importance of speed to lead

Speed to Lead: Your #1 chance to get more customers.

Big companies know this secret – the faster you speak with a new lead, the more likely they are to become a new customer. As you reduce that response time from days to hours to minutes to seconds, your results improve.

We give you easy tools so that your business can act like the big guys.

How it Works

  1. A customer completes the form on your website
  2. Leads Anywhere reads their entries, and calls you
  3. Your phone rings, you hear the customer’s information, and hit 1 to talk now
  4. You hear the customer’s phone ringing, and talk to them right away

If you’re not available, Leads Anywhere can call you back later and will also deliver a copy of the lead via text for you to tap and call any time.

Let’s Get Started

We have two ways to integrate into your existing website

  1. On-site integration: We’ll deliver you documentation and support to install Leads Anywhere on your web page. Need help? We offer custom install support, contact us to learn more.
  2. Email delivery: Simply copy your exclusive Leads Anywhere email catcher as a recipient of leads from your website. Our automated email reader will process each lead as it comes in.

Coming Soon

Our team is hard at work bringing Leads Anywhere to life right now. If you are interested in hearing more when we launch later this year, let us know by filling out the form below!